So tell me more about this brave new hell—this mechanized world I’m estranged from by concrete kennels. Hail Skynet, I’m but a lonely organic servant; kinda scary. Fucking terrifying. For convenience we’ve sacrificed our privacy and allowed covert and shadowy government cells to data mine our entire existence…profiling us, spying on us, allowing corporations they’re in bed with to target us, its sovereign citizens, as consumers and market not benevolently to the mass, but aggressively, and with manipulative guile besiege the individual with products made to fail and be replaced, or are known to be unsafe, or ravage your bond with perpetual debt! Fuck! I’m ranting!

The machines have risen! There are a lot of benefits for the sake of convenience. I have a hard time resolving that our ‘consumerist’ lifestyle and imperative as a species to destroy and manipulate our planet and the multitude of species upon the face of it is a worthy toll for the sake of progress. The human defect is triumphing as the passage into the higher existence/dimension passes out of our sight. To have inclination toward physics and a rudimentary grasp of existential philosophy seems to be a moral contradiction, doesn’t it? Sounds about right be trapped somewhere between overwhelming extremes.

I wonder where we as a race will take our expanding technology—and to what purpose? We’ve already made ourselves obsolete. Is subjugation and perfected slavery the shape of things to come? Looking at what our track record as a race is, do we deserve better? Yah for intellect and reason—they’ve not led us astray yet…and yet there are fleeting moments where the dying out flame of mankind’s higher purpose can be discerned in the ashes of our immolation. Through sharp signs on our liquid horizon, speak symbolism to our subconscious—too archaic to digest immediately—we still hear the cries of the Phoenix as the faintest whisper on the wind. Our own cries of de-evolution as we diminish within every incarnation as the song of our calling fades from our awareness. The longest run of our higher form is being benevolent stewards of this planet. I’m no better than anyone else alive or passed but I am kind to animals. Compelled to be, actually.

It’s so frustrating to perceive our flaws as a species and yet the powerless to effect positive change, or any idea of what, and how, to change. Darwin’s theory of the evolution of species can be understood in the maximum ‘no evolutionary change in species can or will ever occur without extraneous stimulus.’ Meaning change can only occur in an organism because of external influence, some needs, or survival imperative. It seems unlikely we’ll change on our own short of a mass extinction event. Happy Happy Joy Joy! So there’s that to look forward to.

Anyhoo, I am interested, despite my exclusionist anti-tech rant, to learn how we are supposed to protect ourselves from identity theft/fraud. I’m terrified to think I could be wiped out by someone smarter than I am who is tech savvy—which is basically everyone alive outside these prison walls.

In the meanwhile, I’ll be loving you.

-Cameron Evans (to Teresa X. Roberts)
January 2016