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The Demand for Music

So yesterday, I was at the Saturday Market in Portland for a little bit and I was chatting with this dwarf guy (I don’t know if he was a real midget or not, he was like smaller than that even). He was there playing the violin to get donations. I asked him if I... read more

We the Sheeple

I don’t understand a country/people who spend more time/energy FIGHTING over/with guns when there is a list a mile long of shit that IS worth fighting for, like a better education system, a better criminal justice system, better care for the elderly, and the... read more

David in Pendleton, Oregon

Monkey Baby he drew for Halloween:               His mother’s dog died so he drew this little girl with a letter to Santa to cheer her up:               He is a former Marine so he wanted to... read more

Large Bag, But No Croutons

Ever since I moved to the Seattle area everything has seemingly fallen into place like cogs in a wheel. Before I moved here, I was finishing up my memoir and had started writing another book as well as a TV show. The very first event I attended near my new northwest... read more

No Need For TV

Observations in two hours: A drunk guy staggering by my house. A guy driving a tow truck totally rocking out. A woman wearing nothing but five spinning tassels. A grey haired lady wearing a t-shirt that said “I love BJ” on it. A short guy with cool clown shoes on but... read more

What I Know Now

As I sat at the counter at a Deli near my workplace, I caught a reflection of an infant in the window in front of me.  The infant was sitting on his Grandmother’s lap just over my left shoulder at a table for two.  As the small child and I locked our gaze, his eyes... read more

My Mother Taught Me Well

When I thought my mom was cruel for making me climb the narrow stairs to the attic when I cried, She was really teaching me I had to stop feeling sorry for myself if I wanted to focus on moving upward. When I thought my mom was neglecting me by having three jobs and... read more

The Last Track

Olivia met Logan while grazing on a few corn stalks still poking through the winter snow at old man Tomahawk’s farm.  She was immediately smitten with him when he strutted his long awkward legs over to her and said “If you were a chicken, you’d be impeccable.”  Olivia... read more

Isolated Pawn

I had already attended one ‘Think and Grow Rich’ Meet Up a few weeks prior, and I was really looking forward to this follow-up meeting.  I didn’t really mind that I was the only attendee at the first meeting because I got the host’s full attention to share my ideas... read more

Tea for One

The hostess asks “Are you dining alone today?” in an entirely too chipper of a voice that feels like salt pouring into the wound of my recently broken heart; of course she wouldn’t know that.  I try not to hate her for being so happy, or cry because I’m... read more