Here are some Reviews (and Rants) for ‘Why I Married A Murderer’:

“Teresa is highly intelligent, gifted with words and writing, very imaginative and creative, and soaks up learning wherever she goes in life. Teresa is also brutally honest, painfully stupid, and hilariously funny. I can assure you that being Teresa’s counselor was never boring!” – Eric Ridgway, LCPC

Loved this book! I was nearly peeing my pants at the end! it says a lot about the author and why she has these obstacles she faces through out the book. I could not put it down. I can’t wait to see what else she has for future books!” – Haylie Philipczyk

The premise sounds fun, the author sounds like she’s a hoot, my husband read the book before it was published and he loved it, I could hear him laughing out loud. Can’t wait to get our copy so I can see what all the laughing was about.” – Cindy Aase

Teresa I started reading your book and it is written just like you talk…..non-stop stream of consciousness which I find truly authentic. It is so YOU.” – Donna Waldron

This is an amazingly candid look into the up and downs that the author has endured dealing with relationships. She opens her innermost thoughts and fears to the reader. I think many women, including myself, can relate on a very personal level to at least one if not many parts of this memoir. Ms. Roberts delivers some of her story in hilarious recollections and other parts have you leaning forward in your chair (or on the elliptical) holding your breath to see what comes next. You laugh out loud and whisper “no…. don’t do it” to yourself as you are reading. This is a great read and this author has a new fan!” – Jamie Sullivan

I LOVED this book! I read the whole thing in less than 24 hours because I just couldn’t seem to put it down once I started it. It is hilariously funny at times and somewhat sad at others. It also makes one wonder how a woman who has had so many disappointments in love still has the fortitude to not stop believing in love. Can’t wait for the next book!” – Kimberly Banks

This book was a great read! I was going to take my time, and read a little every day, but once I started I just had to find out what happened to her next. I have known the author for years, but didn’t know very much about her personal life and her amazing journey. I have always loved it when she goes on one of her rants, and this book is full of them–hope she’s working on her next book, I can’t wait!” – Jan Verden

I found this memoir to be hilarious and highly upsetting at times. It was very hard to put down and a very fast read. I highly recommend it if you, like me, love to experience an extraordinary life journey. I sure hope she has better luck with men in the future and that she keeps on writing. Great read.” – Blakely Bennette

The book was a page turner for me! My husband is glad I have finished, because I tuned out the world around me getting to know the author and relating to my own experiences! Took me 2 days to finish, but only because I had some other errands and chores to finish. Easy to read, easy to follow!” –  Kim Lamb

This book is total BS.” – One of the ‘made up names’ in the book