I have never really been a big fan of big meals. Never. As much as I enjoy good food, and I do, big meals give me anxiety. Potlucks are different story all together, however. Even though at one time, I weighed 320, I never really ate what most people would consider a lot. I snacked a lot, and even after having the gastric bypass about 13 years ago, I still mostly snack.

IMG_2731I love value meal “D” at Taco Bell, which is a 5-layer burrito, a bag of Doritos, and a medium (diet) soda. I request they use only one tortilla instead of two and eat my chips an hour or two later. For a $3 lunch, you just can’t beat it with a stick. If I stay in for lunch at work I have a protein shake or a bowl of refried beans and cheese. The nice thing about those, is if you’re still hungry, you can just make another one. For breakfast during the week at work, I make 2 eggs with cheese in the microwave; yes, the microwave. It is one of my biggest staples. For dinner I might go to the grocery store deli and get one chicken finger; two if I’m really hungry. Today, I had a piece of salmon from the deli for $2.50. They heated it up for me and gave me a packet of tartar sauce. It was so delicious. It tasted even better since I didn’t have to prepare it, clean up after it, or deal with lingering smells.

I actually do have a small microwave and enough solar power to use it, but as of today (30 days in my new home), I have not even plugged it in. I also eat granola or protein bars, fruit from local farmers markets, and if I have the munchies, I eat dry cereal—dry. Another quick snack for me is a one-slice peanut butter sandwich rolled like a taco. And Chocolate; I eat a lot of chocolate and I don’t care who knows or how much it shows.