Books I’ve written, and a couple I have in the works.

Why I Married A Murderer: And How I Survived the Divorce

A glimpse into a life of someone just like you; except you probably didn’t marry a murderer. The book is full of emotions ranging from love to hate, from anger to joy, and from frustration to belly laughs. There is something for everyone in this book which reads as if the author herself is sitting on the couch next to you sharing a bottle of wine…or two.


Stories from the Pen (Convicted Creations)

Stories from the Pen is written by two men who are both loved by those who know them and hated by those who have never met them. They both have families, friends, and enemies. They both have a beating heart that is human. They are also both inmates. They sometimes see eye-to-eye on life in prison or life in general, and other times they couldn’t disagree more.


SaRAW naively moves to Las Vegas hoping to land a sugar daddy and be pampered for the rest of her life. Instead, she discovers a land of misfits called Torcher Town; she fits in perfectly. Torcher Town is a fictional community outside of Las Vegas.

SamINAL is a resident of Torcher Town who is odd in just about every sense of the word. He creates large art installations for the community with his pet rooster at his side. SamINAL was drawn to SaRAW at first sight. When SaRAW moved to Torcher Town and began her career as a professional nude model, SamINAL became her unofficial (and secret) protector.

This Burning Man meets Beauty and the Beast fictional story is loosely based on real people and events, which makes it a real page turner. You won’t believe SaRAW’s exciting adventures or the creative ways SamINAL secretly saves her day in a place they both call ‘Home’.

These are some of the books that I am currently working on at the moment.

Into Inmates – Coming Soon

I am also still putting together opinions, thoughts, and stories for Into Inmates.  If you or someone you know is ‘into inmates’, feel free to get in touch. I am looking for other people’s stories to add flavor to the book.