Living In A Box Truck

Because renting began to suck

After a series of unfortunate experiences with consecutive rental accommodations and their respective landlords, I was at my ends tether. In a Eureka moment of “not giving a fuck”, I finally gave in on rented accommodation and decided to live in a truck.  The articles below document my life of living in a box truck.

One Year (and a Week) in a Box Truck!

I DID IT! I made it a full year living (sleeping) in a Box Truck! I emphasis ‘sleeping’ because honestly, that’s mostly what I did in my ‘tiny house on wheels’. I chuckle when I get the repeated questions: Aren’t you claustrophobic in there? Do you have a kitchen? How... read more

Six Months in a Box Truck!

Yup, that’s right friends… as of today, I have been in my Button Mobile for six months. Any regrets? Ya, a few, but not what you might think. I wish I would have given more thought about my reading light by my bed. I went for looks instead of functionality. What I... read more

Introducing the Button Mobile!

The basic parts of my vision stayed the same, however many details changed along the way; mostly for the better. Originally, I wanted two closet areas across from each other against the wall opposite the cab and on each side of the cab door. On one side, I did the... read more

How can you feel ‘stable’ living in a box truck?

Ironically, I feel much more stable in my new home than I have in a long time. Because it is MINE and because if I do have to ‘move’, I am basically like a turtle now, I take my home with me. Life is good! Interestingly enough, I have found the ‘Tiny House Movement’... read more

The Neighborhood

When I first rolled in there was not only one cop sitting within eyesight of the parking lot, but two. Apparently where I am is on the boarder of two cities so both city cops park nearby and patrol the area. Now, this could be a good thing or a bad thing, right?... read more

30 Days in a Box Truck

August 16th, 2015 marks 30 days (and nights) that I have lived (slept) in a box truck. I moved into the former FedEx truck (also called a cutaway van) on July 18th. It was a hot day by Seattle’s standards but I was happy to be in my very own place for the first time... read more

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