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Struggling Inside, about the Outside (by Cameron Evans)

I know you’ve been having a tough time out there babe. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve been going through it in here too. Stress involved with early release, but also new mechanisms to deal with that stress that keep me from the ‘dark side’. Being ‘good’ adds... read more

Fast Forward 15 Years (by Cameron Evans)

So tell me more about this brave new hell—this mechanized world I’m estranged from by concrete kennels. Hail Skynet, I’m but a lonely organic servant; kinda scary. Fucking terrifying. For convenience we’ve sacrificed our privacy and allowed covert and shadowy... read more

Roadkill Chronicles #1 – The Last Track (Fiction)

Olivia met Logan while grazing on a few corn stalks still poking through the winter snow at old man Tomahawk’s farm.  She was immediately smitten with him when he strutted his long awkward legs over to her and said “If you were a chicken, you’d be impeccable.”  Olivia... read more

This Isn’t Me – A (homeless) moment in the life of Tony

This past Sunday after my Buddhist meeting, I decided to bring a tote bag of random odds and ends I thought homeless people may need, as well as some fruit, down to one of the two areas I often find them. I pulled up in my brand new (just got it Friday) Toyota Rav4... read more

The Rewards of Uncomfortable Choices

Many people don’t understand many of the decisions I’ve made over the years and are even more surprised I keep making ‘unconventional’ choices. I’m not going to lie, I am ‘uncomfortable’ aLOT! However, off the top of my head,... read more

Ripple Effect

I got a letter from an inmate today. It reads in part: “….I see these two guys getting into it – next thing I notice is that the one guy has a jailhouse knife and starts stabbing this other dude in the face and head. By the time the cops figure out... read more

Blog Hop – I Got Tagged!

This is my first ever blog hop (thanks for the invite Blakely Bennett!). I can’t say enough about how awesome it has been to meet fellow authors while publishing and promoting my book. Everyone has been so helpful, supportive, and we have really built great... read more

His Name is Joel

As I sit at a desk that belongs to the man who owns the house I live in for ‘free’ (in exchange for doing home improvements), working on my slightly outdated but still fully functional computer, with a space heater keeping me warm by my legs, my mind wanders to those... read more

Writers Stock

I am officially coining the term: “Writer’s Stock”.  Writers love to write, right?  What do writers write about?  Anything.   Everything.  Specific subjects or topics.  Aren’t subjects and topics the same thing, really?  Nah, I’m sure a good writer could write 500... read more