I am…

Author 1-Head Shot

– A Gypsy.  Some of my friends think I have wheels permanently attached to my feet, while others think I am a super-secret agent/assassin because I sometimes move so quickly, and often in the dark of the night without even a whisper of notice.

– A Loner.  Not by choice of course… simply because I am an opinionated, stubborn, hippie, vagabond, completely serious dreamer that no one can put up (or keep up) with.

– A Wantrepreneur.  Oh, I have ideas… and then some.  I’ve got ideas coming out my butt like magical butterflies on crack.  I will take over the world one day…when I’m done checking e-mail, Facebooking, and watching youtube videos.  Then, some day, I will actually implement all my mastermind plans of the treatment of addictions, ending homelessness, fixing the Criminal (in)Justice System and supporting care for those with mental challenges.

– A Naturist (selectively).  I eat junk, clutter my mind with useless crap (sans TV), and drive my car two blocks instead of walk, if I can get away with it.  However, I enjoy running around naked when temperature, privacy, law, and/or company permits.

– An Anal-ist.  I like to break things down to the simplest form or complicate the hell out of them, depending on my mood and/or audience.  I like to look at the root-cause of something, but also challenge myself to see how far down the rabbit hole I can go to prove my point. Oh, and I WILL prove my point!  That IS the point, after all, isn’t it?  Actually, I DO enjoy seeing and hearing others points of view, so bring it on… but only if you’re up for a good debate.

– Author.  I memorialized a piece of my life to share with the world in “Why I Married a Murderer and How I Survived the Divorce” which is actually humorous in parts, and was honored to collaborate with two talented inmates on “Stories from the Pen” which I’m very proud of how it turned out despite the struggles and detours everyone involved endured.