Many people don’t understand many of the decisions I’ve made over the years and are even more surprised I keep making ‘unconventional’ choices. I’m not going to lie, I am ‘uncomfortable’ aLOT! However, off the top of my head, there are only 2 decisions I regret and they are ‘normal’ ones and very minor in the grand scheme of life.

My life is totally unstable most of the time but that also allows me the luxury of flexibility. Rather than continue to beat my head against the wall dating ‘normal’ people who did nothing for me, I allowed true love to enter my heart and life from an unlikely source, and my heart and face have never smiled more!

I look at many of my ‘normal’ friends with ‘normal’ homes, ‘normal’ jobs and ‘normal’ partners, and most of them are not happy. Some feel ‘stuck’. Some are so afraid of losing what they have they don’t enjoy it. Some are being choked out by mortgage payments and the cost of kids. Some are so brainwashed that they MUST be ‘normal’ that they are mindless zombies.

I may not have the perfect life; well, I KNOW I don’t. But at the end of the day, I know in my heart that it beats like a drum for the choices I’ve made–the choices that have made me the awesome rock star I am today.