I asked my Therapist to read my book to make sure I didn’t look ‘too’ crazy.  He said he read it twice!  (I think he’s a little crazy!  Shhhhh, don’t tell him I said that!)

He wrote a book, about my book (see, I told you he’s nuts!):

Teresa is adorable. She is a very smart and witty, all-American girl, that just about anyone could relate to. Her childhood stories are like the TV show “Good Times” in that it was explosive, like Dyn-O-Mite, except she grew up on a farm in the Mid-West instead of a big city, and her family was white, not black.

Her upbringing was filled with the dysfunction that exists within most families which she delightfully left in her story.  Teresa is able to tell her story in such a humorous way that you won’t feel depressed or sorry for her at all.  You may feel inspired to write a book about your own crazy life by the time you finish reading about hers.

Having been Teresa’s counselor, and with her full permission, I can assure you that she is not crazy. Her real-life stories are refreshingly honest. Teresa has the guts to tell it like it is, without trying to make herself appear that she has it all together.  I mean, really folks, none of us have it “all together”, all of the time.

This story is priceless. It is a lesson in how NOT to do a relationship. It is a story about resilience and belief in oneself, as Teresa stays open to the opportunity of experiencing true love.

Teresa is highly intelligent, gifted with words and writing, very imaginative and creative, and soaks up learning wherever she goes in life. Teresa is also brutally honest, painfully stupid, and hilariously funny. I can assure you that being Teresa’s counselor was never boring!

All good stories help us learn more about ourselves and the world we live in. Life is an adventure, a series of experiences, and a journey of discovery and excitement. You only get one life. In this life, we get to learn along the way, and sometimes our best teaching experiences are the ones which were the most painful.

Teresa will fight for what is right and good. She’s no “sissy girl” who men get to walk all over. Teresa teaches all of us that we can stand up for ourselves. Her story is empowering and you will cheer for her as you laugh your way through her life story.

This is a book with numerous lessons about “Boundaries” and “Choices”. It provides a message of “Self-Care” – no matter who we are in-love with. Women don’t need to tolerate a living hell in their romantic lives.

This is a story about strength and commitment. Teresa never gives up on believing in herself. She manages to always pick up the pieces after having crashes that all of us will experience in our lifetime.

Teresa will inspire you as you laugh along with her romantic adventures and wonderful way of telling the human story. While some of the details may be different from your own personal life, the desire, joys, struggles, and pain occur in all of our lives.  Her story encourages you to never give up and always believe in yourself while you continue to share love with others –even after you’ve been hurt.

Teresa’s story is universal in many ways. There is a part of all of us in Teresa. If you can be honest with yourself, you will relate to how we all tend to repeat some patterns as we bumble along through life.

Always live with Zest and Enthusiasm, because this is YOUR LIFE; make it a story, not a sentence!!!

-Eric Ridgway, LCPC
(which I think stands for Loving Coach/Patient Counselor)

In all seriousness:  Eric was the best Counselor ever.  He has a huge heart, is very caring, and because he is imperfect like the rest of us, he is easy to talk to and take advice from.  I love him dearly for the awesome person he is, and the wonderful gifts he shares with the world, by just being himself.