I don’t understand a country/people who spend more time/energy FIGHTING over/with guns when there is a list a mile long of shit that IS worth fighting for, like a better education system, a better criminal justice system, better care for the elderly, and the list goes on and on.. but people would rather play xbox, fuck off on facebook, or text message all day, then INVEST any time/energy into things that could actually make us BETTER people.

Sure our government isn’t perfect, but we, the people are FAR from perfect. Why do we expect our government to please everyone and do the ‘right thing’ whatever that is that somehow pleases everyone, yet we feed our bodies with fast food and our feed our minds with electronic drugs like a junkie shoots heroin.

If we want a better government, perhaps we should remember that the government IS us.. the government IS made up of PEOPLE and if you really want a better government, put down your hand held devices and attend a public meeting, TALK to the people that make decisions you live by, and stop bitching about the influence of lobbyists and people with money like an armchair quarterback.

Its interesting that gun lovers call gun control ‘sheeple’, yet, they willingly ‘go along with’ the shitty education system we have, the horribly broken criminal justice system that is killing our economy, the lack of care for elderly, they must be going along with it, because they are NOT fighting to improve it.. they are too busy hugging their guns instead of their kids, spouses, neighbors, community.

We are always talking about the 99% vs 1%ers, yet, what are the 99%ers doing? Sitting at home and bitching about what the 1%ers are doing.. KEY WORD: ‘DOING’!!!! 99% of Americans are lazy and stupid (myself included) and we are perpetuating stupidity and ignorance like the worst plague the world has ever seen.

I am working on a few projects in hopes of BETTERING people’s lives, make them happier, bring people together, and I can’t even pay people to help me… and having to BEG ‘friends’ and they would still rather bitch about imaginary wars that they are too dumb to see that they’ve already won, than do something productive, positive, HELP a fellow american.

Its funny to me that so many gun lovers say to me ‘you’ll be glad you were with someone who was carrying a gun when someone tries to rob or rape you’. I laugh… I am alone.. ALL THE TIME.. I am never around someone with a gun that would be close enough to me in a situation of rape, yet they are going to leap out of thin air and shoot the rapist.. WHY? So I can go on living alone in a world where trigger happy ‘americans’ are so willing to shoot someone, stop a beating heart, but can’t lift a finger to help me succeed in life and have a life WORTH living?

How does this make any sense at all?